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I'd promised to go comparison shopping, and I did so.  I already posted the prices I actually paid for things from Aldi and Costco, which came to ~$59.00 (I didn't check; this is memory at work.). I was going to do a side-by-side comparison, but I've lost track of the piece of paper on which I wrote the Food Lion Prices. I am SO sorry about this.

However, Pugsley helped me find the prices, and it was a dollar here and a dollar there.  I'm quite spoiled getting tuna for .70 or .80 cents (tuna packed in oil is more expensive) when everywhere else, it's around $1.30 a can. The butter also was a big contributing factor (because grocery store priced butter x 6 comes to rather a lot), and the total for the things at Food Lion came to ~$77.00, maybe $78. Still quite a reasonable total for a family of 4 for a week, but a difference of nearly $20 is going to keep me shopping at Aldi for, well, maybe ever.

Plus, ACK! I forgot to check the price of ground beef at Food Lion! So, even MOAR money!

Found the paper with the prices!
Food Lion

Milk                       3.08                                                    Costco: 2.99
pasta                      1.80
taco spice               2.98
mac&cheese (4)      2.12
asian noodles           1.00
cheese  (2)               6.18                                                  Aldi:       3.60
black beans (4)         3.00                                                                2.40
soup (3)                    8.37                                                            
tuna in water (3)        2.54                                                                    .69
tuna in oil (3)             3.27                                                                     .79
saltines                      1.66                  
cereal                        1.60                            
avocado                    1.29
bananas                     1.00          
yogurt                        2.61
rice crackers              2.89                              
wheat bread              1.99              
trail mix                       1.99
ground turkey             6.98
quick oats                  3.29
ground beef , 4 lbs.(ack! forgot to check!)                                      Costco: 12.83

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